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About us (DRAFT)

Kolkata (Formerly Calcutta), has always been the source of quality leather ever since the first Colonial Indian tannery was set up in 1795. The tradition of excellence has been upheld by the expert craftsmanship of the Indian Chinese ever since the 1940s and, till today, their leather and leather products are still one of the highest in demand owing to modern machinery, traditional methodology, personal involvement and a highly meticulous system of quality control.

We, at Sheong Shi Tannery (which in Chinese means Double Lion Tannery) place trust, responsibility and high quality output as integral parts of our business and operations. Our passion to deliver, coupled with our excellence of execution has made us a favourite one stop solution for many buyers from India as well as abroad.

We manufacture high quality finished leather for bags, wallets, purses, portfolios, shoes, etc. We specialize in the manufacture of Eco-friendly leathers. These are leathers in the making of which chemicals that are harmful to either humans or the environment is avoided. Thus, chemicals such as Chrome, Formaldehyde, Heavy metals (aluminium, arsenic, cobalt, copper, nickel  etc.), Alkyl phenol ethoxylates, Short chain chlorinated paraffins, Volatile organic compounds and a host of other harmful chemicals are avoided.


In addition to the chemical composition of the leather manufactured, a great deal of attention is given to the environment and the surrounding working atmosphere of the tannery.


Leather tanning involves the use of many chemicals. Hence the effluent from the tanneries is highly toxic for the environment. We, at Sheong Shi Tannery, first treat the effluent in our in-house pre-treatment plant, segregating the suspended particles and the dissolved particles from the effluent and then sending them onwards for further treatment at the Common Effluent Treatment Plant run by the Calcutta Leather Tanners’ Association.


The design of the tannery building has been done in the shape of a “U”. This has been done to increase the surface area of the building thus enabling better ventilation. And presence of large windows allows ample sunlight to come and light up the work-place.


India is a country where there is a long period of rainfall. Mostly from June to September (and sparingly in other months). In order to make the most of Mother Nature’s gift, Sheong Shi practises rain harvesting where the harvested rain is used in the leather making process.


The layout of the machineries is done to optimise the use of power and also

keeping safety of the workers in mind.


And finally, the wellbeing of the workers form an integral part of the entire company operation. Apart from health insurance and pension funds, support in their rents and education is provided. The company takes responsibility for the education of several children of the workers. A desire of the company is to educate at least one child (preferably the girl child, as a saying goes, to educate a boy is to form a good human being but to educate a girl is to form a good family) of every worker.


In its journey, Sheong Shi Tannery, has formed partnership with other likeminded people. People like Paulien Wesselink of “O MY BAG” and Paul and Sarah Beisly of  “The Loyal Leather Workshop”  are an integral part of the working of Sheong Shi to change our planet for the better in our own small way!